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Oh hey, I know you…


Yeah, you’re that person I’ve probably never met…

Remember? No? Me neither.

Let’s talk about you for a bit.

You have a job. Maybe you love it, maybe you don’t.

You wake up, get all cleaned up and dressed, have breakfast and then go to work every day, from Monday to Friday. The commute is boring, sometimes awfully long and, on some occasions, painful.

You arrive at work, clock in and go to your desk. You say “hi” to whoever is already around, turn your computer on (a gorgeous wallpaper of a sandy beach comes on screen) and immediately open your email app and calendar to catch up on stuff.

The day consists of business-as-usual activities: emails, meetings, decisions, more meetings, tasks and sub-tasks, even more meetings-you-wished-they-had-been-emails, coffee/bathroom breaks, water-cooler chit-chatting with colleagues etc.


Sometimes you catch yourself day-dreaming. Being on that sandy beach of your gorgeous wallpaper, lying in a cosy hammock under palm trees, sipping mojitos, wearing minimal clothing and listening to the waves…


Now add a laptop to that picture.

You’re still lying in a cosy hammock, while drinking mojitos on the beach. But now you’re also doing some work that happens to pay for that mojito (and that ticket to that sandy beach). Wouldn’t that be awesome? Now if only you could do it.


Well, guess what…

In many cases, you can totally go for it. Many jobs nowadays can be done remotely, since not everyone has to be physically present at a specific location to perform their job. There are, also, many jobs that allow you to do them in foreign (maybe exotic) places. Other jobs are even more privileged, because they may require you to travel and pay for your travel expenses.


Enter the not-so-new professional term “digital nomad”

A digital nomad is a person who uses telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, live in a nomadic manner. [source: Wikipedia]

If you’re a digital nomad, you mainly need a laptop and wi-fi — all the rest may or may not be optional. You’re completely location-independent, which means that you can do your job regardless of where you are. You love working while lounging by the pool under the sun? Cool! You prefer the rocky mountains and snowy chalets? Great! Your desk can consist of a table and a chair, a cosy couch, a hammock or a towel on the beach; whatever feels comfortable.

Digital nomads obviously tend to travel a lot, but that doesn’t mean that they are in a different place every week. You can move around every 12-18 months and still consider yourself a digital nomad. It’s the temporary nature of this lifestyle that defines what it really is, without restricting it to locations and timelines. Not having a permanent address. That of course makes it a bit harder to get mail, but who cares about mail when you can always get email?


Did I get any of it right?

Well, if not, then I have no clue who you are — introduce yourself!


In the meantime, let me tell you a little bit about me

Is it a job? Is it a lifestyle? Is it a cult? Am I a fraud? Do I really make money remotely? Do I have a valid passport? Do I have a base? Am I talking bullshit? Will you learn one or two things if you read my blog?

No. Yes. No. No. Yes. Yes. No. No. Definitely!


Fun facts about me

  1. I was born on one of the hottest days recorded in 1986
  2. I spent my first years in a tiny village, feeding my grandpa’s goats potato chips and cheetos
  3. I used to be a Web Developer
  4. I worked in fashion for years
  5. I am a cake addict & a human cake-bot (did anyone say CAKE??)
  6. I consider spicy food to be the Antichrist
  7. I grew up wanting to become an airplane designer and failed to accomplish that dream 🙁
  8. I’ll be an interior designer someday (I just know it!)
  9. I don’t drive – prefer to be chauffeured everywhere (like a spoilt brat, oops)
  10. I’m afraid of heights
  11. I can’t eat avocado
  12. My hobby is to try every workout style/class and give up after 3 months
  13. I’m an online shopaholic – not having a permanent address makes it trickier
  14. I’m addicted to the global news/current affairs
  15. I absolutely hate it when I am late or stood up
  16. I’ve never watched any of the Star Wars movies (what a weirdo, I know)
  17. I’m a summer kind of person
  18. I am obsessed with tidy spaces
  19. My guiltiest pleasure is watching trashy reality TV shows (the trashier, the better) and pity those fools who participate in them by choice
  20. People say I’m petite and love to tease me about it
  21. I moved to the UK completely on my own to study, a decision that completely changed my life and mindset
  22. I’m a freelancer-on-the-go
  23. I collect mostly receipts, tickets and business/shop cards from my trips


Fun things I constantly hear from people who know me

You’re so lucky to work from home!

Oh, I wish I could work from anywhere, like you…

Do you even have a real job? How the hell is that possible when you move around so much!

Who are you kidding, you can’t be working like that! Who are you trying to fool!

So is it true that you don’t ride the Tube anymore? Seriously? How do you get to work? WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOUR DESK IS STEPS AWAY FROM YOUR BED?!

Teach me to do your job, Master Yoda! Whatever that is. Whatever it takes.

Don’t you hurt your eyes on a computer ALL day long? What do you mean you don’t work all day?

Are you in a cult or something?

(Wait, whaat?)


Wanna know more?

I’ve got plenty to share! Every now and then, I send an email to those who like my blog and lifestyle, to offer advice, tips and tricks, help and valuable information about all things digital-nomadic. No fricken spam; I hate spam as much as you do.

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Is it a job? Is it a lifestyle? Is it a cult? Am I a fraud? Do I really make money remotely? Will you learn 1 thing or 2, if you read this blog? Find out.
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